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Growing up in Dubai, Pop Culture was all I was interested in. Movies, T.V. Series, Comics and Video Games were what surrounded my attention. I remember coming home from school and quickly finishing my lunch so I could start playing the many video games (Counter-Strike, Grand Theft Auto, Warcraft 3, Max Payne, to name a few) that spanned my childhood. An arcade was ten minutes away from my place and that was where me and my friends would challenge each other in Mortal Kombat.

The evenings were no less exciting as they were reserved for T.V. Series (F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The X-Files etc) to end the day. My weekends were spent at the local video and book store. The owner of the video store knew me quite well and he would reserve the new releases for me as soon as he got them. I was also good pals with the book store owner, so he would let me read up on the adventures of Batman, Spiderman, Superman etc, as long as my heart pleased.

Now all grown up and the Geek within shows no signs of slowing down. Even though a full time job takes up most of my day, I occasionally tend to wander off into whichever fictional world my mind takes me to.

In the last few years Dubai has started many events catered to Geeks. Annual events like MEFCC (Middle East Film & Comic Con), GAME (Gaming Alliance Middle East) and DIFF (Dubai International Film Festival) are examples of why it’s just awesome being a Geek. Let me rephrase, a ‘StokedGeek’.

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